Digimon Collections

Grizzly and David don’t just use any Digimon in the VB lab. Below are our personal collections and why we have them. It also shows recent screenshots to track our progress.

Vicinity 5 Collection

Based on the Original Digimon V-Pet Version 5 and it’s 20th re-release, this collection is dedicated to the first appearance of Gazimon!

404 Heroes

Sometimes when Grizzly travels to an alternate realty, his stand by evolutions aren’t available. This collection consists of Digimon Grizzly the Gazimon has fought as when he couldn’t become one of his normal forms.

Tyrant Region

3 of the 4 original Tyrannomon debuted in the Version 5 V-Pet. This means that out of all the original rookies, Gazimon has the most Tyrannomon Data in his core! This collection unleashes the Dinosaur instinct inside of Grizzly.

Leomon’s Lineage

Gazimon and Leomon have had a love hate relationship for ages. In some of the earliest offical art, Gazimon can be seen trapping a Lemon in a pitfall. However, in Last Evolution: Kizuna, a Gazimon is one of the few partners to protect his Tamer from Eosmon. That Gazimon evolved into a Leomon. This collection celebrates the bond between the two Digimon.

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