What’s New?


Added the Recurring Character section.

Stopped using both the English and Japanese terms (I.E. Xros(Fusion) Wars) and just went with the one I felt sounds better.


Created a Social Media Menu

Updated the OC Encyclopedia to better organize Non-Gazimon OC

Reorganized the old “Gadget” section into the New “Digivice and Accessories” section

Added the VB Lab App section


Added new images to El_Poyomon Collection

Added our Tumbler to the About Us section


Updated Adventure(02) OC Encyclopedia with new attributes for Panzermon and Aukletmon

Added Issue Two of the comic

Added a Contest Section to the Ver. C comic

Added a Cover section to the Ver. C comic


Added art to the Fan Art Gallery-Gazimon section

Added art to the Fan Art Gallery-El_Poyomon Collection


Seperated V-Pets and Key Chains into their own gadget galleries.

Updated Site Logo


Issue One of the comic was posted

A new V-Pet was posted

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