What’s New?


All of Arc I from the Ver. C comics is available.

New Fan Art

New Commissioned Art


Posted Issue 6


Brought all images up to the current standards with borders and social media tags.


In the Encyclopedia, replaced “Ultimate” with “Perfect” in terms to the fifth Stage to remove any confusion between Japanese and English terms.


Added Neon Gazimon to the OC Encyclopedia

Updated the Fan Art Gallery


Added a section for the upcoming Game Boy Game.

Grizzly wrote a new blog.

Added YouTube to Social Media bar

Added Ghost Photos section

Added Issue Five of the comic.

Updated the Ghost Game section of the encyclopedia

Updated the Collections of the VB Lab section


Created a new section for Gift artwork

Updated the OC Encyclopedia with the new standard logo.

Updated the Ghost Game section of the OC Encyclopedia with Snow Gazimon.

Updated Ver.C with a new issue and a new cover


Separated Commissions Gallery and Fan Art

Updated Contests with the second contest.


Added Issue Three to the Ver. C comic

Added a Ghost Game section to the OC Encyclopedia

Added a Digivice V section to the Digivices & Accessories section


Added Ghost Game OC Dev Dairy


Added the Recurring Character section.

Stopped using both the English and Japanese terms (I.E. Xros(Fusion) Wars) and just went with the one I felt sounds better.


Created a Social Media Menu

Updated the OC Encyclopedia to better organize Non-Gazimon OC

Reorganized the old “Gadget” section into the New “Digivice and Accessories” section

Added the VB Lab App section


Added new images to El_Poyomon Collection

Added our Tumbler to the About Us section


Updated Adventure(02) OC Encyclopedia with new attributes for Panzermon and Aukletmon

Added Issue Two of the comic

Added a Contest Section to the Ver. C comic

Added a Cover section to the Ver. C comic


Added art to the Fan Art Gallery-Gazimon section

Added art to the Fan Art Gallery-El_Poyomon Collection


Seperated V-Pets and Key Chains into their own gadget galleries.

Updated Site Logo


Issue One of the comic was posted

A new V-Pet was posted

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