The Home of Grizzly the Gazimon and his human partner, David

DedicatedGazi is a duo of a guy named David and his Digimon partner, Grizzly the Gazimon.   We have been traveling together for what feels like a lifetime, meeting tons of interesting people and seeing loads of fascinating stuff.  This site serves as a chronicle of our adventures.

David is in charge of the technical stuff,  like organizing our Art Gallery, compiling our “OC” Digimon Encyclopedia, and overall site maintenance.  He also has a creative role as the writer and story board director of the ‘Ver. C” comic.

Grizzly runs the Blog, which he claims, “is the best part” of the site. What sets his blog apart from other Digimon stories out there is that it is told entirely from the point of view of the Digimon partner.  He’ll also post on our socials from time to time.

We hope our viewers enjoy our projects as much as we did making them.

Contact Information

Email: DedicatedGazi@Gmail.Com

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