Name: Scufflemon
Etymology: Scuffle
Title: Street Fighting Beast
Level: Champion
Type: (JP) Beast Man (EN) Animal
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nature Spirits

Attack List

Swift Riot: Punching combo
Twin Lash: Whips with Tails

Name: Hainumon
Etymology: Hainu
Title: The Haunting Companion
Level: Perfect
Type: Mythical Animal
Attribute: Virus
Family: Wind Guardians

Attack List

Pouncing Hunter: Leaping tackle attack
Quill Ruckus: Prismatic feathers erupt from flapping wing

Name: Ludicoremon
Etymology: Ludicrous + Manticore
Title: The Mage of Engulfing Twilight
Level: Mega
Type: God Man (JP) Wizard (EN)
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Attack List

Twilight Turbine: Spinning kick in which the leg, tail, and opposite leg are used to collide against the target
Trickery Helix: Cuffs hands together to shoot a psychedelic helix

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