Rai and Nova

Rai the Bearmon and Nova the Elecmon have been best friends for as long as they can remember.  It’s funny, because they are actually quite different.  Rai is energetic and sporty, always ready to play.  Nova is a homebody and a daydreamer, who would much rather sit under a tree and watch the clouds float by.    Grizzly met the duo years ago as he was taking a walk in the fields of the Digital World.  He was hit right in the back of the head by Rai’s dodgeball, and Nova had to plead with the angry Gazimon to forgive his overzealous friend.  Shortly after, the three became buddies. Grizzly visits them frequently when he makes trips back to the Digital World.  

David is the one who gave them their nicknames. Rai, Japanese for thunder, is so named because he is so loud and energetic. Nova, named after a star, because he always has his head in the sky. 

When David and Grizzly took part in the Xros Wars, Rai and Nova were happy to help,  They joined the Void Army, and even took part in several of the team’s Digi-Xros forms.  They even got their own form, Bearmon Elec Mode!

These days, Rai and Nova still return to help fill out any roster gaps. When David was working as a Cyber Sleuth, they worked as Grizzly’s back up.   David occasionally volunteers to do missions with the Black Swords Guardian team, and Rai and Nova are always ready to join them.   Basically, whenever David needs to make a team of three, he knows who to call.  

Not to be outdone by David and Grizzly, Rai and Nova occasionally go on their own adventures, working as heroes for hire in the Digital World.

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