Name: Panzermon
Etymology: Panzer
Title: The Dedicated Hunter
Level: Armor (With Digi-Egg of Dedication)
Type: Beast Man
Attribute: (Original) Virus

                  (Modern Reclassification) Free
Family: Nature Spirits

Attack List

Katar Onslaught: Slashes with blades
Howling Mercury: Fires molten metal from mouth

Name: Aukletmon
Etymology: Auklet
Title: The winged beast of the crags
Level: Ultimate (Jogress w/Hirundramon)

Type: Giant Bird

Attribute: (Original) Data

(Modern Reclassification) Free

Family: Wind Guardians

Attack List

Drill Dive: Swoops in and collides against the opponent
Pinon Cyclones: rotates drills on tips of the wings to launch twin air spirals.

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