David the Human

Name: David (his partner calls him “The Kid”)

Birthday: October 26th

Age Range: 11(V-Pet saga) to 34 (Today)

Pronouns: He/Him

Partner Digimon: Grizzly the Gazimon

Bio: David is the Human half of the DedicatedGazi duo.  He’s diligent and thoughtful, constantly setting goals for himself and working hard to achieve them.  Sometimes, however, he is so focused on doing things “the right way” that he becomes fixated and overthinks the situation.  He’s loyal to a fault, putting others before himself.  Family is important to him: he grew up the youngest of three, and as an adult moved back home to help raise his nieces and nephew. When there is a job to be done, he’s the type to roll up his sleeves and do it.  He’s a little quick to frustration, and sometimes takes on a sarcastic and grumpy persona.  Despite this, those close to him consider him a grouch with a heart of gold. In his down time, he enjoys fantasy and sci-fi media, and spending time with his pet Guinea Pigs.

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