Our Artists

All the art found on DedicatedGazi comes from Artists around the fandom. If you see anything you like here, make sure you check them out!

OC Encyclopedia Artist

Martina Matteucci Twitter: @PirateSylph

Ver. C Artist

Pastelmon Twitter: @Pastelmon_Art

Grizzly’s Youtube Model Artist

Ace 3D Studios Twitter: @AceStudios07

Commissions Gallery Artist

El_Poyomon Twitter: @El_Poyo

Rey Twitter:@Rey89563160 Tumbler: https://tumblr.com/blog/reycovert DeviantArt: deviantart.com/reycovert FurAffinity: https://furaffinity.net/user/reycovert/

Ridgeone1 Twitter: @Ridgeone1 Instagram: @Ridgeone1

Yayo (OmniYayo) Twitter: @OmniYayo Instagram: @OmniYayo

Barlume https://twitter.com/Barlzarhttps://deviantart.com/barluhttps://ko-fi.com/barlumehttps://instagram.com/barlugram/

Jack Twitter: @after_Clark

Mr.Sandman Twitter: @doodlersand

Nerrax Twitter: @TipsyDoodlez

Jun Twitter: Twitter: @Hudie_Jun Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/hudie_jun

Ryoko Twitter: @RyokosD

Smacky Twitter: @SMAtkins_art Tumbler: Smacky’s Doodlies Instagram: S_M_atkins

Art Goblin Twitter @insignia_the Facebook: Art Goblin Draws

Jedigimon Twitter @jedigimon Instagram: @jedigimon

WSDigiArt Twitter @WsDigi

Indominus_Art (also featured as a fan artist) Twitter: @Indominus_Art

Chicostyk (also featured as a fan artist) Twitter @chicostyk

Officialseraphi Twitter @officialseraphi

Fan Art Artist

Nookper Twitter: @StylishOwl

King Louie Twitter @perezluisecrea1

DigitalHazard Twitter @DigitalHazard

Gift Art Artist

GMZ Twitter: @GMZ98422340

Steeve Harrismon Twitter: @StevelHerissmon

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