Ghost Game

Name: Splash Gazimon
Etymology: Splash
Title: The Swamp Dweller
Level: Champion
Type: (Ja:) Aquatic Mammal (En:) Sea Animal
Attribute: Virus
Family: Deep Savers

Attack List

Sludge Shake: It shakes like a wet dog, sending murky water flying from its fur.
Back Flipper: A cartwheel kick.

Name: Snow Gazimon
Etymology: Snow
Title: The Polar Specter
Level: Champion
Type: Puppet
Attribute: Data
Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Attack List

Frozen Wisp: a snowball slides from out of its sleeves and into its hand. The snowball begins to glow in a ghostly light and is then thrown.
Sweeping Scythe: Spins and strikes with the ice pick attached to its tail.

Name: Steam Gazimon
Etymology: Steam
Title; The Makeshift Beast
Level: Champion
Type: Machine
Attribute: Vaccine
Family: Metal Empire

Attack List

Vaper Exhaust: Using its smoke stack and exhaust pipes, it blows scalding gas at the target.
Steamroller: A tackle attack.

Name: Neon Gazimon
Etymology : Neon
Title: The Maddening Crawler
Level: Champion
Type: (Ja:) Insect (En:) Insectoid
Attribute: Null
Family: Jungle Troopers

Attack List

Panic Slash: Claw slash
Impulse Toxin: An acid like slime attack. Wounds caused by this attack can cause confusion and disorientation.

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