D-Tector and the Pseudo-Spirits of Aether


Pseudo-Spirits of Aether

The Pseudo- Spirits are used to Spirit Evolve. During his adventures, Gazimon began suffering from a bizarre illness causing glitch. Although not proven, it is believed that this glitch was caused by prolong exposure to the energy found in the space between worlds. Seeking help from The Three Celestial Guardians, they were able to remove the errors from Gazimon’s Fractal Code and convert it into the “Pseudo-Sprits” of Aether. Using a D-Tector, the Pseudo-Spirits can be extracted from Gazimon’s fractal code and used for Spirit Evolution. However, this leaves Gazimon unable to evolve by any other means until the spirits are returned to his code. Because they are not “True” Spirits like the Legendary 10, they cannot be combined with them. Thus, they cannot be used for unified or higher forms of Spirit Evolution. None the less, they are quite powerful all their own.

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