Name: Drimogemon(Virus) [Variant/Subspecies]
Etymology: Drill + Mogera wogura
Level: Champion
Type: Beast(JP) Animal (EN)
Attribute: Virus
Family Nature: Spirits

Attack List

Drill Spin: They attack with the large drill on their head.
Bone Crusher: They throw a bone excavated from the dirt.

Name: TriMogemon
Etymology: Triple + Drimogemon
Title: The Kaiju of the Tunneled Caves
Level: Perfect
Type: Beast(JP) Animal (EN)
Attribute: Data
Family: Nature’s Spirit

Attack List

Drill Bit Overdrive: The three horns on their head begin to spin before they unleash a head-butt.
Megaton Meteor: They whip their tail with such force that the large drill disconnects and launches towards the target.

Name: Reccanimon
Etymology: Reckoning + Canine
Title: The Supremely Dedicated Guardian
Level: Mega
Type: Holy Beast(JP) Animal (EN)
Attribute: Vaccine
Family: Virus Buster

Attack List

Claws of Reckoning: They slash with their front paws.
Electric Stun Quasar: A missive ball of electricity burst from a tear in space that formed above their shoulders.

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