Name: Gravengermon
Etymology: Grandeur + Avenge
Title: The Warrior That Walks the Aether
Level: Human Spirit (Human Pseudo-Spirit of Aether)
Type: Demon Man (JP) Wizard (EN)
Attribute: Variable
Family: Nightmare Solders

Attack List

Galactic Grapple: punch and kick combo
Unstable Burst: hurls sphere shaped black holes at target

Name: Darkamemon
Etymology: Dark + Kame (Japanese for Turtle)
Title: The Creature That Carries the Aether
Level: Beast Spirit (Beast Pseudo-Sprit of Aether)
Type: Mutant
Attribute: Variable
Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Attack List

Colliding Worlds: Grows a space colored aurora and Body slams the opponent
Infinity Shower: Launches energy stars from shell

Name: Onyxusmon
Etymology: Onyx + Nexus
Title: The Being That Calls Forth the Aether
Level: Hybrid Spirit (Both Pseudo-Spirits of Aether)
Type: Mythical Animal
Attribute: Variable
Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Attack List

Stampeding Sideswipe: The onyx shards on the legs stick outward to sideswipe the opponent
Spiritual Ore: Launches spheres composed of fractal code from the ring of stone behind him

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