Magna the Wizardmon

Magna is a Wizardmon who has watched over DedicatedGazi from the beginning. He is an Oracle, a group of Digimon who study different worlds and research how Humans and Digimon bond. It was Wizardmon who originally paired David with Grizzly, believing David would be dedicated enough to raise the good in Grizzly. At first, David and Grizzly jokingly called Wizardmon “the great one”, a tongue in cheek way of referencing his role as a mentor. Eventually the joke turned into a real nickname, Magna, meaning “great”.

Magna often uses his magic to send David and Grizzly to alternate worlds so that they can bring Magna new knowledge of how Digimon and Humans act in that reality. He’s typically the one who gets the new Digivices for them.

Magna is heavily featured in the Ver.C comic.

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