The Sea Witch

An Ancient Digimon with the power to make “Faux Digimon“, creatures who embody their victim’s fear. The rookie form of the Sea Witch is a Gizamon, and since that isn’t an OC, it won’t be posted here.

Grizzly’s blog about the Sea Witch can be read here.

Name: Urchimon
Etymology: Sea Urchin
Level: Fresh
Type: Slime
Attribute: None
Family: Deep Saviors

Attack List

Murky Bubbles: They blow dirty bubbles from their mouth.

Name: Anemon
Etymology: Sea Anemone
Level: In-training
Type: Lesser
Attribute: Virus
Family: Deep Savers

Attack List

Terror Tendril: They lashes with the tendrils on their head. Although this is not physically strong, the venom left in the scratches causes hallucinations.

Name: Wanigumon
Etymology: Waniguchi
Title: The Siren Beast
Level: Champion
Type: Aquatic (JP) Sea Animal (EN)
Attribute: Data
Family: Deep Savers

Attack List

Wrought Iron Snap: They bite as hard as possible.
Clamoring Chimes: They make an eerie cry that releases a powerful soundwave from their mouth.

Name: Atollamon
Etymology: Atolla Jellyfish
Title: The Vile Sea Witch
Level: Perfect
Type: Aquatic Beast Man
Attribute: Virus
Family: Deep Savers

Attack List

Aurora Hex: Their helmet glows and fires a rainbow of laser beams.
Vexing Venom: They slash with their nails, leaving behind stinging poison.

*This is The Sea Witch’s primary form. *

Name: Tiamon
Etymology: Tiamat
Title: The Goddess of the Sea of Chaos
Level: Mega
Type: Mutant
Attribute: Virus
Family: Deep Savers

Attack List

Discord Deluge: The dragon heads shoot geysers from their mouths.
Chaos Undertow: They grip the target with the tail tentacles to restrain or fling it.

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