Name: Were Tuskmon
Etymology: Werewolf + Tuskmon
Title: The Fur Clad Dinosaur
Level: Champion
Type: Beast Dragon (JP) Dinosaur (EN)
Attribute: Virus
Family: Nature Spirits

Attack List

Lupine Panzer Knuckle: They strike with a powerful punch.
Howling Tusk: They shoot energy rings from their tusks.

Name: Strike Tuskmon
Etymology: Air Strike + Tuskmon
Title: The Robotically Enhanced Dragon
Level: Perfect
Type: Dragon
Attribute: Virus
Family: Metal Empire

Attack List

Soaring Slasher: They viciously swipe with their claws.
Hyper Laser Cannon: The finger-like pieces of the metal arm open to reveal a cannon, which they use to launch an energy burst.

Name: Master Tuskmon
Etymology: Master + Tuskmon
Title: The Master of Pre-Historic Martial Arts
Level: Mega
Type: Dragon Man
Attribute: Virus
Family: Dragon’s Roar

Attack List

Capstan Slasher: They spin their whole body with their sword outward to slash the target.
Mana Echo: Holding the blade sideways, they place their free palm against the back of the blade. The blade then glows to release multiple rings of energy.

Name: Master Tuskmon Burst Mode
Etymology: Master + Tuskmon
Title: The Pre-Historic Hero without Limits
Level: Mega (Burst Mode)
Type: Warrior
Attribute: Virus
Family: Dragon’s Roar

Attack List

Arcane Blade: They cleave with their sword.
Plasma Salvo: Swinging their fist to mimic a punch, they fire energy shards from their light engulfed hand.

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