Faux Digimon

Faux Digimon are artificial Digimon made by The Sea Witch’s magic.   They look very similar to their real counterparts, only with an inverted color scheme and a magical eye emblem.  The eye is their link to The Sea Witch, and it allows them to access some of her powers.  All Faux Digimon start off with the same baby forms (pictured below), which are based on the Sea Witch’s own lower stages.   By draining and absorbing energy through their magical eye, they are able to evolve into forms that represent their opponent’s fears.    Examples include FauxDevidramon, which represents Gazimon’s fear of turning to the evil side of his dark powers, and FauxRaremon, representing David’s fear of failing to help his partner Digivolve correctly.  

Grizzly’s blog about the Sea Witch can be read here.

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