Xros Wars

Name: Gazimon + Bear Knuckle
Xros: Gazimon + Bearmon
Title: The Boxing Gazimon
Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Attack List

Buckle Knuckle: Punches
Bear Fist Roar: Launches energy from fist

Name: Shock Gazimon
Xros: Gazimon + Elecmon
Title: The Electrified Gazimon
Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Attack List

Surging Crown: Head-butts with electricity
Dynamo Slinger: Throws lightning bolts

Name: Gazimon X3
Xros: Gazimon + Bearmon + Elecmon
Title: The Hero with Super-Charged Knuckles
Family: Nature Spirits

Attack List

Hyper Bear Claw: Energy Charged Punch
Super Thunder Cannon: Launches energy bursts

Name: Grand Gazimon
Etymology: Grand + Gazimon
Title: The Hero With 1000 Victories
Type: Holy Knight (JP) Exalted Knight (EN)
Family: Metal Empire

Attack List

Finale Fist: A golden M glows over fist as Grand Gazimon punches
1000 Gigawatts: throws a blast of electric energy

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