Q: Can I use your OC in my Art?

A: Yes, of course! If you do, please share with us so we can see it to!

Q: Can you draw me something?

A: Sorry, I am not an artist. Grizzly is a writer, and I love to color commissioned line art, but other than that, we just collect art. Check out the Artist page for links of people who did all the amazing art around the site. They would be the people to talk to. I am sure they will help you like they helped us.

Q: Is this item for sale?

A: No, nothing listed on the site is for sale. If it is something I purchased from a special store or online retailer, such as the Custom DiM Case, please refer to the links provided to order your own.

Q:Does Grizzly do story request?

A: He sure does! Email us at DedicatedGazi@gmail.com with suggestions or requests. You can also shoot us a message over on our social media.

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