Dis One Time: I fought an Ancient Sea Witch

Every good story starts at the beginning, right?  Well, that sucks for me because the Kid called dibs on that.  David (who I’ve called “Kid” ever since I met him) had this big idea about how cool it would be if we had an Origin Comic.   He and an artist friend are working on it as we speak.  I’ll let the Kid have his way, but now my first blog post can’t be the obvious “This is how I met my human” story.   So, I decided if I can’t do the first, why not do the most recent?  This is the story of last winter, when the Kid and I fought an Ancient Sea Witch.

I got a call from my buddies, Nova the Elecmon and Rai the Bearmon.  They are old pals of mine, and we even fought in the the Xros Wars together.  Check out their bio, if you want.  Anyways, these days they work as heroes for hire.  They caught a case about a cave-in at a Battery Mine on some backwoods island of the Digital World.   They were working search and rescue when some little purple thing that looked like a pincushion jumped them. They still managed to get all the workers out of the mines, but they called me in with concerns about this unknown Digimon.

By the time the Kid and I got to the island, Nova and Rai were following a tip that a nearby Village Elder would probably have some information.   We were just outside the village when some alligator looking creep tried attacking us.  Honestly, I don’t remember much about this.  The Kid says that once it started chiming the bell on its head, the three of us Digimon started freaking out and attacking each other. Luckily the Village Elder heard the panic and he and David managed to scared the metal mouth off.  Now, when they said “elder” I was thinking some wrinkly old geezer with a walking stick.  Turns out this “elder” was a Boltmon.  I don’t know if you ever saw a Boltmon, but he’s basically a green muscle man with bolts and scrap metal accents to highlight his “I’m a tough guy” look.  Google him sometime if you’re into that. 

Boltmon explained that the little spike ball was a baby form of an Ancient Evil that was sealed away ages ago.  Turns out the island was founded by scholars who were researching what is known as the Universal Source Code.  Basically, the USC is the base program that all Digital Worlds run on.  By analyzing it, you can learn how to bend the rules of the Digital World to your will.  You pretty much become gods.  And like any group of gods, this one founder, now called the “Sea Witch”, turned to the dark side.  She tried to convince the other founders that they could use their research to take over not just their world, but eventually all worlds.  Luckily, the other founders weren’t having that, and they sealed her away.  After that they destroyed their research to keep it out of the wrong hands, and the USC returned to the stuff of Myths. But seriously, does that plan ever work?  Like, ever?  Jump to today, and of course the poor miners unleased this Ancient Evil.  She may have just been a baby when released, but she would no doubt be regaining her powers as time passed.  The punk outside the village must have been one of her evolved forms.  

So, we just find the thing and kick its butt, right?  Not that simple.   Apparently, the Sea Witch was named “Sea Witch” because she was able to use her knowledge of the USC to straight up make Digimon.   But not just any Digimon.  These “Faux Digimon” could actually feed off of fear and eventually evolve into an embodiment of terror to traumatize their opponents.  She started using her minions for a mass attack across the island. We split into groups.  The Kid and I headed to the coastal city were Boltmon was sure the Sea Witch was heading.  She could cause the most damage there, so of course that was her plan.  Nova, Rai, and even Boltmon headed to work on rescue and escape missions. 

The Sea Witch was indeed setting up camp in the city, having evolved into her primary form.  She actually looked like a witch now, all be it with a jellyfish for a helmet. The Kid and I bust on the scene, and we are blowing up these phony Digimon left and right.   Unfortunately, one of them got a lucky shot in on the Kid, and while I was trying to help him, another jumped me from behind.  Next thing I know, I’m seeing stars. When I come to, I am staring down some weird Devidramon who looks like it was printed on the wrong color settings.  Normally they are black demonic dragons, right?  Well this guy was dingy white and had an extra messed up eye on its forehead.  Apparently, that’s the calling card of these Faux Digimon.  That and the whole ” embodiment of fear” thing.  

So, this is the part of the story that I don’t like.  See, Gazimon are known for having a dark side.  Evil henchmen, goons for hire, that kind of thing. I’m different.  Now, sure, I am a bully at times, but I am the lovable bully.  The kind who calls you ugly but also beats up anyone else for calling you ugly.  But I guess deep down inside I have this gnawing fear that its more than that, that maybe I am a bad guy.   And this Faux Devidramon was that fear ready to bite me in the face.  Over on David’s side, some knockoff Raremon was ready to strike.  I’m not surprised at all.  The Kid has always been afraid that as my Tamer, he would lead me down the wrong path and “mess up” my evolution.  Nothing says “messed up evolution” more than a mass of rotting flesh with eyes.

We froze.  Of course, we did.  You would too, don’t even try to lie.  But it was David who broke the silence.  “We got this Grizzly! We’ve been through worse!  And yea, I am sacred.  But you know what?  We’re together.  We’re always together.  So even if you did turn dark, even if I did mess up and you evolved wrong.  We’d face it together!  Just like always!”

And that is when things turned sideways for the Sea Witch. There was this blinding flash,  and next thing you know,  there is this small circuit board hovering before us.  Boltmon did that “mysterious but wise voice out of nowhere” thing and told us that it was “a failsafe left behind by the founders of the island.  Should it be needed, it would find heroes worthy to wield it.”    Now we get to the best part.

The failsafe made me Digivolve to my final form!  Gazilionmon, a gargantuan Gazimon with white and gold armor and a wicked cool horn. Not to be out staged by us, the Sea Witch evolved as well.  She went from an admittedly pretty lady to a giant sea dragon with two extra monster heads busting out of its shoulders.   It may have been uglier, but I was definitely stronger.  I sent that sucker packing, and only caused… moderate… damage to the nearby buildings. 

Boltmon told us that the failsafe was ours now, and we can use it to become Gazillionmon whenever he’s needed.  Problem is we have yet to figure out exactly how it works.  But when it does, oh boy is it fun.  David renamed the failsafe to the D-Frag, short for Digital Fragment.  He thinks it’s cleaver since it has a “fragment” of the Universal Source Code engraved on it.  I think it’s a little lame, but can’t argue with the results of it.
And that’s how I beat an Ancient Evil and gained a Final Form.  And the Kid helped, I guess.
If you are interested in learning more, David did his nerdy computer stuff and added a section to the OC Encyclopedia just for the Sea Witch.

This blog was long and action packed.  To balance things out, next time I’ll tell ya’ll a short slice of life tale.  “Dis One Time I ate at a human restaurant for the first time.” 

Until Then, 


Evolution Line of the Sea Witch.

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