‘Dis One Time, the Kid Got a Mega!

Way back when, back before some of ya’ll were even born, back when the Kid and I first started traveling to different Digital Worlds, I got pretty sick. Not like, my nose is runny sick. I had no energy to the point I couldn’t even do a E-Stun blast to save my life. My fur was all glitchy, and I was walking around looking like an old VHS tape. And I wasn’t even able to evolve! So, what was this strange disease you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. That’s right, the great and powerful Oracles, the wise researchers of the Human and Digital Worlds, had no idea what was wrong with me. The best they could come up with is I had some kind of corruption to my Fractal Code caused by traveling between worlds.

Manga knew of three Celestial Digimon who were very well versed in researching Fractal Code. He asked them for help and sent David and me off to visit them. They were able to isolate the part of my code that was infected, or corrupted, or whatever it was, and extract it. In order to contain it, they forged our very own Legendary Spirits! Well, kind of. The real Legendary Spirits were made to contain the fractal code of powerful Ancient Digimon. Ours only contained part of a code, so they are kind of “Psuedo-Spirits” or something. They work almost the same way but lack some frills. For example, we can’t even use them to become Susanoomon. Kind of a rip of if you ask me, so I let the Kid keep track of them. He named them after the Aether, the substance between the worlds that caused the corruption in the first place.

So, if this happened so long ago, why am I telling ya this story now? Well, for the longest time, David has only been able to use it to Spirit Evolve into a Human, Beast, and Fusion form. But, as you may have seen on our social media, David finally got them to give him a Mega level equivalent! Advanced Ouromon!

Things started off simple enough. Manga caught word of a Giromon causing some havoc. It’s been a while since David powered up the Spirits, so I asked him if wanted to give it a go. If I had known it would be such a big deal, I probably would have handled it myself. See, the problem is it wasn’t a Giromon causing problems, it was several Giromon causing problems. The Kid took down the first one without breaking a sweat, but then out of nowhere, his friends showed up and not even the Fusion Stage was able to hold them off. What’s worse, the kid was surrounded! He couldn’t escape and hand things off to me! After a few blows, he hit his limits and turned into his regular self. I’m not saying I was worried about the Kid, but if I was worried you couldn’t blame me.

The Kid didn’t give up, and he reached down inside and found his inner strength. His survival instinct burned with his will to protect me as I watched him battle. If the Kid was a normal Digimon, he clearly hit the standards for a last ditch Digivolve maneuver. But the Kid isn’t a normal Digimon. He is a human using a makeshift Spirit to Spirit Evolve. So of course, I was shocked when he was able to Advance Spirit Evolve into a brand-new form!

After the battle, David submitted the Pseudo-Spirits to the Oracles for research. What happened? Did David’s will supercharge the Psuedo-Spirits? Has the glitch inside of them been progressing and growing in power over the years? Did they become stronger because we have been traveling to more and more alternate worlds, being exposed to more and more Aether? Did David somehow get a new corruption and that mixed with the old one? Just like what caused them in the first place, your guess is as good as mine. The Oracles test proved inconclusive.

Yeesh. I’m so glad these wise, all-knowing researchers are watching over us. Good grief.

At least the Kid finally got his own Mega! Now he can start handling more of the missions on his own!

Grizzly Out!

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