Dis One Time: I used Infinity Cannon

As the burning ball of death blazed towards me, I was actually pretty sure I was going to be destroyed.  I couldn’t see the Kid anywhere, and I felt like a sitting duck.  I closed my eyes and braced myself.  

I got ya hooked, don’t I?  Good.  But let’s go back a bit.  The Kid and I had just gotten our hands on our D-Arc.  Well, some places call it the D-Power.  The one that reads cards and gives the Digimon partner a boost or special attack.  That Digivice.    He and I were in his basement, looking through some boxes.    We had just recently moved into a new house with his family, and a lot of his stuff wasn’t unpacked yet.  That included his collection of Digimon Cards. 

“I know I had at least a starter deck somewhere.   I think I got some boosters too.  I was more into the V-Pets and video games, though.”  He said has he slid a box of action figures towards me.

“Oh, dude, sweet.  I’m going to kick alien butt.  Hi-Yah! ”   I said as I started bashing two figures together. 

The Kid just rolled his eyes and kept digging through boxes.  Two and a half piles later, he finally found the small box of cards.   He tossed them to me, and he started putting the unneeded boxes back into a pile.  I looked through the cards and started thinking of what could be useful: Meramon’s fire first, Musyamon’s Katana sword, Gesomon’s tentacles. 

“Woah.  You got Machinedramon?  Cool.  Giga Cannon attack, huh?   Wasn’t his attack called infinity Cannon?  Man, traveling different worlds sure gest confusing.”  I chuckled. 

David snatched the card away from me. “I don’t have a Machinedramon card.  Where did this come from?!”  He gasped.

“A booster pack…”  I sarcastically replied.  The kid didn’t think it was funny.

“I really don’t remember ever getting a card like this from a pack.  Either way, we are not using this.”

See, here’s the thing.  A lifetime ago some lunatic mad man used a Machinedramon to try to take over the world.  He didn’t succeed, but his story spread far and wide.  After hearing the story, David’s brain started thinking all Machinedramon were bad guys.  Of course, it didn’t help that a different Machinedramon served as a Dark Master, a team of Evil Digimon who nearly destroyed a realm or two.   In the Kid’s head, Machinedramon was a no good, very bad, super evil, mega bad guy.

I mentioned it in other blogs, but David has always been…. Well, a little over protective of me.  Since many Gazimon have “evil” tendencies, David was always leery about anything that could steer me down the wrong path.  To him, this card was a symbol of what I could become if he messed up and raised me wrong.   I thought about telling him it wasn’t a big deal, and that he worries too much.  In the end, I decided not to bother fighting him about it.  Besides, there were lots of other cards we could use.  

A couple of battles went by, and I gotta tell you, using other Digimon’s attacks is pretty cool.  I was feeling pretty powerful too, even though I hadn’t figured out how to evolve with our new Digivice yet.  Even as just a Gazimon, the boost I got from the cards made me a force to reckon with.  So, when I found myself facing off against a Metal Mamemon, I was confident I could win.  After all, he was just a smiley face with a cannon.  I had an arsenal of cards at my disposal.

It was night. Tje metal head had started having target practice at some abandoned train tracks.   Using our Meramon card, I caught his attention with a fireball to the back of the head.   “Hey, what did that train ever do to you?!”  I taunted.  He just straight up ignored me blasted at me.  The Kid used our Gesomon card, and I used my new elastic arms to swing out of the way.  As soon as I landed, Metal Mamemon shot again.  David used another card, I dodged, and Metal Mamemon shot again.  Every time I got on my feet he blasted another burst my way.   It wasn’t long at all before I realized I bit off more than I could chew.  I was on the defensive without a way to take any offense.  And soon, I was running out of defense!  He charged up and fired his 100th blast.  As the burning ball of death blazed towards me, I was actually pretty sure I was going to be destroyed.  I couldn’t see the Kid anywhere, and I felt like a sitting duck.  I closed my eyes and braced myself.  

“Overpower his blast!  It’s our only chance!  Use Giga Cannon!” The Kid screamed.  I felt my back get heavier as I fell forwards under the weight of two giant cannons growing out of my spine.  I was forced down on all fours, but I felt a surge of power build up from inside, and I knew the Kid broke his vow.  He used the forbidden power of Machinedramon.

It only took one blast to finish off MetalMamemon.  And then I went insane, blasting everything in sight.  And I even blew up David, and I never saw him again.  Why, oh why did he use the evil card?  Why?!  Or, at least that’s what the Kid thought would happen.  Truth is, after we handled Metal Mamemon, I was too tired to do anything.  I pretty much passed out from exhaustion a few seconds later.  The next day I tried to convince the kid that we should use that card all the time.  It is clearly powerful.

“Yea, okay, but it may be too powerful.  You could barely use it!  You almost fell flat on your face.”  He tried to convince me he was worried about the fact that I almost got crushed under the weight of the cannon blast.  Truth is, he was still worried it would have some kind of “evil influence” or something.  We did use it after that, but nowhere near as often as I would have liked.  But at least it was a good step in the right direction.

It’s crazy to think back on this.  With the Nu Metal Empire DiM coming out this weekend, the Kid is actually planning on training me to become a Machinedramon!  It’s like they say, trust is earned, not given.  And you better believe I earned it.  And the Kid finally learned to trust himself, too.

I can’t wait for my new cannons to grow in.  Don’t worry.  I won’t fall over this time.



I Still think “Infinity Cannon” sounds better

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