Dis One Time: I was in a Tournament in the Digimon World

The Vital Bracelet is so hot right now.  Tamers from all over the world are battling each other for bragging rights.  The Kid and I have been hitting the arena, and let me tell you, I’m having a blast.  Battling a Digimon in a tournament setting is way different that battling a bad guy.    With bad guys, you’re worrying about protecting yourself, the people around you, trying not to let things get destroyed in the crossfire.  It’s about survival.  In a tournament, it’s more like a sport.   Only way cooler and lots more explosions.

The thing is, the Vital Bracelet isn’t the first Digivice that allowed Tamers to take part in all out brawls.  Years ago, the Kid and I were visiting a small Island in a Digital World.  We were still pretty young and were exploring to try to learn more about Digivolutions.  This was way before I became the master of several evolutionary forms like I am now.   We decided to take part in a special tournament that was being held at the island’s colosseum.  I almost forgot the name of this tournament, but a buddy of mine reminded me it was called the Royal Grade tournament, and it’s a very elusive tournament.  You really needed to be in the know to get entered. The rules were simple: Humans and their Partner Digimon were given a specialized Digivice that only allowed evolution into forms indigenous to that island.  Contestants were given a week to travel the island and evolve into whatever forms we are able to.  At week’s end there would be a knockout style tournament, with the last Digimon standing crowned the champion.

David and I heard some of the other children talking about how the last champion won with a Mamemon.  Surely, if this year’s contestant could raise a Mamemon, they would easily win this year’s tournament!   All the other children headed off to various training sites in an effort to bring back the smiley little bomber.  David had a different plan.  Rather than researching evolutionary pathways and taking part in specialized training to gain a specific monster, he wanted to take the opportunity to explore the island.  How often do you get to explore a new world?  Well, we know now it’s actually pretty often, but back then we didn’t know as much about the Multiverse. We took time to visit the smaller things: the beach, the marshlands, and the forests.   David even convinced me into visiting the icy water ways, and I hate the cold!  

David likes to say that all that walking increased my speed and stamina.  The improved agility triggered my Digivolution, and we headed back to the tournament site with me as a Unimon!  He likes to say that.  The truth is, he got lucky, and I randomly ended up becoming a Unimon.   But either way, Unimon it was.  Admittedly, I was a little worried I only made it to the Champion level, but it was too late to do anything at that point. We headed into the tournament and started our big battles!

Our first match was against some very disappointed Tamer with her Numemon.  Turns out continued strength training without properly taking care of other needs does not result in a Mamemon.  Our second battle was against another very disappointed Tamer, this one with a Sukamon.  Turns out skipping the bathroom to train harder also didn’t get a Mamemon.  You can see where I am going with this. There was a lot of disappointed Tamers that day, but it wasn’t a free pass for us.  In the later rounds I faced off against a boy and his Seadramon.  Luckily my new wings were able to dodge most of his attacks and I was able to pull through.  In the finals, believe it or not, I actually had to face off a Mamemon!  It was a really hard battle….for him.  I came to find out he had just evolved mere hours before the tournament, and didn’t have any experience using his attacks.   I was a Unimon for a couple of days at this point, so I was really used to flying around and dive-bombing my target.  David and I actually won the tournament!

The moral of the story: don’t try to be someone else. Follow your own path, and you’ll succeed.  Or, at the very least, if you’re going to copy someone, make sure you remember to go to the bathroom.

Catch Ya Later!



I know it was a short blog again this week.  David and I have been busy because one of the Kid’s family members is sick.  David’s been running errands for her, and I have been tagging along.  She is starting to feel better, so I should be able to get some longer blogs in soon.

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