Dis One Time: I Went To The Movies

I love me a good Tokusatsu.  Mecha, Kaiju, Hensin Heroes, you name it.   The Kid even pays for a streaming service so I can watch all my favorite shows when he’s at work.   Watching a show on a TV is nice and all, but nothing beats a Kaiju film playing in a movie theater.  Being of the “not human” persuasion, it’s hard for me to just head down to the local movies and catch a matinee.  Yet, when I heard “Lord Geckosaurus: Rebirth” was playing at the downtown theater, there was no way I was going to miss it. 

I dug around in this big box of arts and crafts David’s mom has.  I found  a zipper and string.   I looped the string around my ears and used double sided tape to stick the zipper to my back.  I told the Kid if anyone asked, I was his little brother in a costume.  I was dressed as Usagi Demon, ancient Kaiju warrior who rises up from the depths of the underworld every million years!

We got to the ticket booth, and David asked for one adult and one “rabbit monster”, pointing at me and winking.  The lady behind the desk squealed and asked if she could take a picture.

“I am the great Usagi Demon! Fear me!”  I demanded.

“Oh, of course.  Oh no, what a scary monster!” she chuckled.

I started to tell her not to patronize me, but David pulled me by the shoulder.  He got me my own soda, a box of sour gummy bears, and we shared a giant popcorn bucket.  Just because he got me some decent snacks doesn’t mean I forgave him for that “bunny monster” stunt.  I still get mad sometimes.    But we went to our seats, and I waited patiently for the movie to start.

“Hey dork number two!  Look at that little baby back there in the costume!”  Said some dork a few rows ahead of us.  Maybe they weren’t really named Dork Number One and Dork Number Two, but as far as you know they were. 

Dork Number two laughed, and they turned towards the screen.   I dug an ice cube out of my cup and flung it at the back of Dork Number One’s head.   He looked back and said something slick, but Momma Dork slapped him on the shoulder and told them to shut up and behave.   I went back to watching the film.  My seat was sticky, the popcorn was super salty, and the gummy bears were hard.  But come on man, it was a Lord Geckosaurus movie!  I had the best time ever!

Catch you again soon!


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