Dis One Time: I Helped A Ghost

There’s a park up the street from my Kid’s house. Over the summer we spent a good deal of time there getting some exercise for our vital bracelet. It was getting late, but we stopped on a bridge to look into the creek.

A little girl was bouncing her stuffed doll on the railing of the bridge. She smiled at us and laughed. “I like your dog, mister. His ears are long like a bunny rabbit!” She wentt back to playing with her doll. It was some kind of fuzzy critter. Maybe a mouse? I dunno. But she accidently dropped it off the bridge and started screaming like a lunatic.

“It’s okay, buddy! My….dog….is a great swimmer. He’ll go get it for you!” The Kid said without even asking me.

I’ve never really been an aquatic Digimon. Sure, I have gone swimming, and I even spent some time using the Infinite Tide DiM. But other than a handful of temporary forms, I’ve never been a water Digimon. Not like how I have been a beastman or even a dinosaur. You know, one of my recurrent forms and not the one shot random battle.

Maybe that’s why I find being underwater so stressful. Not necessarily scary, but I don’t like it. Not so much the water itself, but the fact I have the least experience with it. That’s why I was so mad at the Kid.

“Dude, you go in there and get the doll. You told her you would help, not me!” I scoffed.

“Oh, come on, Grizzly. It’s just a creek. It’s like, maybe a foot deep. You’ll dry faster than my shoes.” He said. But I wasn’t budging. I wasn’t scared or anything. I just thought he should do it because he told her we would help.

The Kid took off his shoes and got the doll. It was all moldy and torn. He and I both glared at it. It was only in there for five or so minutes. How was that possible? Was it that dirty before and we didn’t notice?

We went back to the bridge, but the girl was gone! The Kid and I looked around but couldn’t see anyone. He set the doll down and said he’ll leave it there for when she comes back. We started to head home and we heard a laugh. “Thanks mister. Thank you bunny puppy!”. We turned around and didn’t see anyone. But even more frightening, we didn’t see the doll!

See you in your nightmares!


Here’s where that story totally happened for real

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