Case File 006: Taking Out The Trash

The Kid was sick most of this week. That means it was up to me to do solo patrol!

We’ve started calling the Digimon that are appearing “Rifters”. There is a RIFt beweem worlds, and these Digimon are DriftTERS . Cleaver, huh? I came up with it. Rifters.

But yea, I spent the week patrolling, and I was starting to think I would be lucky enough not to hear any problems. Nope.

Thursday afternoon, there was a power outage. The power company blamed several “mysteriously clogged” vents. Take a guess what that means.

Did you guess two groups of Digimon having an all-out battle on the rooftops of a building up the road? Cause that’s what it was. A pack of Garbagemon were having a fight with some Mekanorimon. It was like something out of a tactical RPG….but with poop and robots.

I snapped a picture and sent it to David. He was in bed with the laptop, just incase I needed advice. I asked him what he thought I should do.

David: Are they fighting each other?

Grizzly: Yup.

David: Wait, are you looking through a window? Where are you?!

Grizzly: Parking structure in by the elevator.

David: WHAT?! Your INSIDE!

Grizzly: You’re*

David: Dude, seriously?!

Grizzly: 😄

David: What if someone sees you?

Grizzly: I’m pretty sure they are distracted by the poop and the robots


Grizzly: I’m not even sure how to get out there. I’m going to have to go inside the actual building to find a fire door or something.

David: You better not!

Grizzly: Well, then, what am I supposed to do?

David: I….okay I have no idea. Maybe go outside and Digivolve?

Grizzly: A dinosaur outside is less noticeable than a dog walking around inside a building?

David: I Dunno. I’m getting dressed and coming!

Grizzly: Wait! One of the Mechs just walloped a garbage and it blew up! I think…. maybe this will work itself out?

I watched as the two groups fought each other. There was a lot of poop, but for the most part, nothing serious looked broken. The Mekanorimon were using their hands to bat at the targets. As long as they weren’t firing missiles, we should have been okay. The poop could be cleaned up later. Sure enough, after about 5 or so minutes, the last of the Rifters turned into pixels.

Grizzly: Looks like it’s over. There sure is a lot of poops all over. So….so much poop.

David: Get outta there. I’m sure the cleaning crew will get there soon.

Grizzly: Since I’m here, want me to go inside and get anything for you?

David: Funny….

I guess we got lucky this week. Things worked themselves out.

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