Case File 005: Wizardmon

Here’s this week’s update. Manga was able to get some good information on these glitch Digimon. There seems to be a rift forming between our world and the Digital World the Oracles have code named DA99. You probably know it as the Digital World saved by Taichi Kamiya and his team…Okay that doesn’t narrow it down one bit. The one that was ALSO saved by Davis Motomiya and his team. This world is pretty well known to have an unstable structure because so many of the big baddies over there just love messing with the gates to other worlds.

As of right now. the rifts aren’t full blown portals, so the Digimon have not completely crossed over yet. That explains why some don’t seem to notice us, while others are clearly trying to pick a fight. If we don’t figure out what is causing the rifts soon, however, they will be able to complete the transition and cause all kinds of problems.

That’s all that happened this week.

……Okay fine. There may have been a fight where Manga completely made me look stupid.

We were at the park and Manga was filling us in on his research. We got a few strange looks, but David just told everyone Manga was a boy he was babysiting who loved to dress up in costumes. I was a toy….cause, ya know, that’s David’s favortite cover story for me.

We heard some screaming, and off in the distance we saw a red blurr. There was no doubt it was a Digimon! A Boogiemon, to be exact. With a wave of his staff, Manga just pixilezed the dude in a matter of seconds. He didn’t even flinch!

“Sorry. I told him not to bring that light up toy!” David explained. “He knows it can be scary.”

Manga gave David his staff and pretended to be scolded. When the coast was clear, David handed it right back and we sat back at our picnic table.

‘How’d you do that?! It takes me at least twice as long to get them to go away.” I asked.

“I am a little more experienced than you…”

“Okay, yea, but you just hit him with a stick! I bash the dudes with my big ol’ Kaiju claws. It just seems to me to be way more of a hit than some stick…”

“Grizzly!” David sighed and rolled his eyes. “Big picture here. Those people over there saw it this time. The rifts are getting worse….”

He’s right. First the chicken from last week dented that truck, and now people are actually seeing them. We need to find out what is causing these rifts…and soon.

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