Dis One Time: I Met My X Version

Way back when, when the Kid was just an itty-bitty Tamer, he considered himself an odd one out with the Gazimon Partner.  Most kids his age went for popular picks, like Agumon and Gabumon.   Flash forward to today, and Gazimon Tamers are popping up left and right.  Not that I am complaining.  It’s pretty obvious to me that if you had to have a partner, Gazimon would definitely be the way to go.   

A while back, the Kid and I meet a girl and her partner, Sparr.  The thing about Sparr is he’s an X-Antibody Gazimon.  Ya know, the Digimon who have a gene that causes them to grow exaggerated features and ultimately become a variant species of the original?  He’s a pretty cool guy, and he and I get along pretty well.  Our humans seem to have become friends as well, but that’s a far less interesting story.    

Sparr and I were talking the other day about the first time we teamed up together.   Our humans were rambling on about the new card game.  Something about using Purple Cards, and whether or not my Kid wanted to enter tournaments or just collect the cards.  I dunno, I wasn’t listening.   

I said to Sparr, “Hey, you really wanna sit around here and listen to this nonsense?  I know a vending machine not too far from here where we can get some sodas.  I love me some soda.”

Our partners said it would be okay, as long as we didn’t get into any trouble and came right back.  To be fair, we did plan on doing that.  It’s not really our fault it didn’t work out that way.  

I got a root beer and a bag of pretzels.  Sparr got canned coffee and cookies. We sat down and started talking about nothing really.    Next thing I know, I felt a pebble hit me in the back of the head.   I spun around and couldn’t see anything.  Sparr got up and asked what was wrong.

“Some jerk just hit me in the head with a rock or something.”  I said.  Sparr busted out laughing.

“Don’t look now Grizz, but that’s awfully soft for a rock.” Sparr said.

“What?!”  I reached back and felt the sludge.  “Oh man, seriously!  Whoever did this is dead meat!”

A green slug slithered its way out from behind a bush.  Its massive tongue jutted from its crooked smile, and its two beady eyes stared at me.  “This is stick up.  Err…. A snack robbery.  Gimme the goodies and no one gets hurt!” the Numemon said.  

“Really dude?  You gonna just sling poop at me and demand my food?  Who does that?”

He slung some poop towards Sparr.   He slashed through it with his claws as it sailed towards him, splattering the poop everywhere. “You want a fight slug? I love a good scrap.”

It was strange.  Up until now, Sparr was really calm.  He’s usually one of the calmest guys I know. But once that Numemon came looking for trouble, he went ballistic.  It was a side of him I didn’t see until then, but it seems like that’s how he usually gets when there is a battle.

It was on!  I ran towards the creep and slashed at him.  Sparr followed up by digging into the nearby ground and flinging pawfuls of dirt towards the attacker.

He flung some more poop, but we both dodged.  I rolled behind a bush, picked up a rock, and hurled it from my cover.  Sparr had moved behind the vending machine, peeking around the sides, and blasting out Paralyze Breath at every opportunity.

“Sparr!  Grizzly!  What the heck are you guys doing?”  It was the Kid.  He glared at us with disgust.  I pointed towards the Numemon, but there wasn’t anyone there.  It must have run off when the humans got nearby.  All that the Kid and Sparr’s girl saw was me and Sparr, covered in pink muck.

“Seriously?!” I groaned.  

And there ya have it.    What?  Expecting some epic, amazing war with explosions and stuff?  Look, life doesn’t work that way.

Until next time!


My buddy Sparr, tough as Nails.

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