Looking Forward

The Kid and I have been thinking a lot about what we wanted to do and where we are going with our content. 

In short, we don’t quite know yet!   We love sharing our stories with people, and we never thought the comics would really get any kind of a following.    

The problems we face are for things like my blog here on the site.  It was hard for us to get the word out, and truth be told, I kinda got discouraged.  Why write a blog if no one reads it, ya know? David was really surprised that recently we starting getting a lot traction on social media. He’s surprised, but I always knew it was a matter of time until people realized how cool I was.

So, the Kid and I sat down and took a long look at us.   We decided now is the best time to grow, and we are doubling down!  I’m bringing back the Blog, but I am also moving forward with a video series as well.  More on that to come once we hammer out the details, so stay tuned!

David is busting his butt over on Twitter, reaching out to people and spreading the greatness that is Grizzly!

I am totally re-energized to get back in there and keep going with our adventures.

Special Thanks to Sparr and Fiona.  The Kid really appreciates you being one of the first people to listen to our stories.  I think you two are cool, but I ain’t gonna get all sappy about it.

To anyone reading this, new and old: Thanks for sticking around with us, and let’s grow this thing together! 


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