Dis One Time: I Dark Digivolved

The term “Dark Digivovle” is very misleading.  I have Digivolved into Dark Tyrannomon many times in the past.  Sure, his power is hard to control, and sometimes I end up going berserk.  Yet, I’m not evil.  If the Kid calls out to me, I can regain my senses. So even though “Dark” is in both Dark Tyrannomon and Dark Digivolution, they are not one in the same. I used to be able to say I never had a “true” Dark Digivolution in all my years of travels.  Key words are “used to”.  I unfortunately lost that privilege a few weeks ago. 

The Kid and I were investigating some rumors about Will-o’-the-Wisp floating about the local mall after hours.   Cars that were left there overnight ended up with scorch marks and broken windows.  Yeah.  Ghost Lights from folk lore…in a rundown shopping center….while it was closed, and it’s in the middle of a city…. and they are damaging cars…. Call me suspicious but that didn’t sound legit to me.   I was absolutely not shocked at all when it turned out that what was really going on was a Centarumon somehow made it out of the Digital World.  For some reason or the other,  he decided to turn the parking lot into his own personal firing range.  The “Ghost Lights” people were gossiping about were, in fact, energy bursts from his solar ray.

David and I still don’t fully understand how our Digivice V works.  One day we get the ghostly evolution, Snow Gazimon.  Other days we end up with robotic form, Steam Gazimon.  Tonight, however, we weren’t getting anything.    I was dodging around from behind trees and cars and stuff, and the Kid kept trying to reason with the jerk.   He kept trying to tell Mr. Trigger Happy that people could get hurt, and that what he was doing was dangerous.   You think the four-legged confetti cannon listened?  Of course not.   It was about 5 minutes into our confrontation when he lit fire to a car.  No broken windows this time.  This was full on arson. 

David and I glared at each other.  We were literally outgunned.   We both nodded in a disappointed silence, and decided to hightail it out of there.  Live to fight another day. or so they say.   As I leapt towards the Kid, I heard some nimrod in the distance.  A brainless teenager stood at the entrance to the lot, snapping pictures of the scene on his overpriced phone.  He kept saying how he was going to get “mad likes” for catching pictures of the mall ghost. I don’t know what’s worse;  the fact this guy still believed this was a ghost, or the fact that he was standing in the wide open.  In a surprise twist to absolutely no one, Centarumon chose to test his aim on a smaller target than the cars. 

It was hard to tell exactly what happened.  The dumby had enough sense to jump once fired at, but I could tell his legs were hit to some extent.   As he started screaming, something broke inside my head.  I heard a voice that wasn’t my own echoing.  The voice said it was tired.  Tired of fighting a losing battle.  Tired of being the only one who could pick up the pieces, the only one who even seemed to be trying.  But what choice did it have?  If the voice didn’t fight, other people would get hurt.   The voice was David.  Or maybe some of it was me?  it was like he and I shared the same mind.  We both spoke in each other’s heads, yet neither one of us were speaking.  We became something else.  Two separate bodies, a single consciousness, yet neither one of us were in control.  

Through David’s eyes, I saw him grab the teen by his shirt and pull him to his feet.  He cursed at him, and told the idiot to run.  He put himself in this situation, and if it wasn’t for him, none of this would be happening.  As the teen limped off, I felt bad.  David felt like we were blaming the victim.  The third voice didn’t care.  In fact, that voice told us that the teen should consider him lucky that we helped at all.  

Through my eyes, David watched me tackle the Centarumon to the floor.  Long black talons rose into the air and pierced their shoulders.  Talons we never saw before, but we knew well.  They were mine, but they weren’t.  I had Digivolved into a new form.  When or how we don’t know for sure, but we became the Insectoid Digimon we now know as Neon Gazimon.    David and I watched as burning acid spilled from my mouth and dripped onto Centarumon’s helmet.  We heard the sizzle as it melted.  

“End it,” Neon Gazimon told us.  “Do the world and favor and end it.”

I felt David calling out to me.  Don’t lose control.  I wanted to stop.  If I was Dark Tyrannomon I would have stopped.  Neon Gazimon was in control.  in a flash, Centraumon was gone, and I was back, alone in my head.  

It easy to say Neon Gazimon was a third being.  Somehow this new Digivolution gave birth to something that wasn’t me, and it wasn’t David.  No one knows for sure what happened to Centarumon.  He could had slipped back into the Digital World.  It’s possible.  Even if he didn’t maybe all we did was turn him into back into a DigiTama.  It would have been just as logical for that to have happened.  It is easy to say all that, and we do say that. Over and over, we repeat that to ourselves.  But deep down, neither one of us know the truth.   The old adage is time will tell, but if time is kind,  It will never make us find the answer.  It will never let the Dark Digivolution happen again.  

It’s a bummer to end here, I know.  I wish I knew what to tell ya.  I wish I knew what to tell myself.


Neon Gazimon

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