Dis One Time: I went fishing, Digivolved, and saw a Black Gatomon

There’s nothing like a nice day spent fishing. That’s what people who like fishing say, anyhow. I wouldn’t know; I never went fishing. Nevertheless, when there was a rumor going around town that a sea monster was attacking fishermen, the Kid made it our business to investigate. So, two bus trips and a 15-minute walk later, I found myself and the Kid at the piers talking to a witness.

“It was me and my guy, Random dude. We were sitting here waiting for Other Person to get back from I Dunno’s house.” The informant told us. I may have forgotten their real names, but you get the idea. “We saw this old guy saying he caught a big one, but the next thing you know, he got pulled into the water! if it wasn’t for random dude jumping in and helping, the old guy wouldn’t have gotten out. We never did find his fishing pole.”

And that’s what we had to go on. Apparently, this has been happening all week, with varying degrees of danger. The stories went anywhere from the fishing line breaking to the fisherman getting bitten in half. Seeing how it wasn’t on the news, I’m guessing that last one was an exaggeration.

“So, you thinking Seadramon? Or maybe a Coelamon?” I asked as the Kid and I walked along the wooden planks.

“I don’t know which one, but it’s clearly a Digimon.” The Kid reached into his backpack and pulled out some swimming goggles and a snorkel. He handed them to me. “Well, guess we are going to find out.”

Earlier, when the Kid went to the store to buy said swim gear, he and I argued about who should actually go underwater to find this thing. Not that I was scared. I said it before, I’m not scared of water. I just prefer to be on land. Or at the very least shallow water. The Kid, however, won the argument. He made the very good point as to what he was supposed to do if he actually found the Digimon. Maybe smack it and run? As a Digimon myself, I would be the obvious choice to go. The Kid got lucky.

I put on my gear as the he Kid sat next to me and cast the fishing pole into the water. He had never been fishing before either, so we had to buy that pole on the way here. After about 20 minutes of a whole lot of nothing, we finally got a tug. I sprang into action, and dove into the deep.

Who had money on the sea monster being Gesomon? Cause it was a Gesomon. Out of nowhere, she smacked me with a tentacle and started swimming off. I popped my head above the water to fill David in, and I started paddling after her. I….wasn’t doing well. David said something about her getting away, like I didn’t notice that myself. I stopped, and as I bobbed in the waves, I was horrified to see her darting back at me!

I was flung deep underwater by her rubbery arms, and then smacked right out of it and into the air! She was hurling me in and out of the waves like a ragdoll. I heard David calling out to me, and suddenly, I felt his heart in my chest. It was like they became totally synchronized. As the water bubbled up around me once again, I kicked my back legs and broke free. I was blasting through the water at a speed I never felt before. My claws became webbed, and the hair on my back became a stiff fin. I had Digivolved into Splash Gazimon!

I swam in and out of her tentacles, and in what seemed like an instant, all her tentacles were twisted and tangled. As she surfaced and floated there helpless, I climbed back on the pier and stood next to the Kid. With no choice but to talk to us, Gesomon told us that she found herself in these strange waters with her friend, Octomon. They used to live in an isolated stretch of water, and all the humans coming and going frightened them. Gesomon did not mean to hurt anyone, rather, if she scared enough people, she believed they would stop coming. Then, her and her friend could live in peace. She claimed she never intend to hurt me. She only got more drastic once I followed after her, and even then, she wasn’t trying to cause any real damage.

I actually felt bad at this point. Could you imagine waking up one day in a brand-new world, not knowing how you got there? Still, you can’t go pulling people underwater. The Kid and I were going to help her find a quieter place to stay. I saw ‘were’ going to because we never got the chance. Mot long into our conversation, this weirdo Black Gatomon came rowing up in a little rowboat. It opened up its back pack, and in a blinding flash, Octomon and Gesomon were gone! By the time my vision focused again, Black Gatomon was gone as well. It was just me and the Kid standing there.

I really don’t know what’s up with that cat. This may have been my first time seeing it, but I have definitely heard about it. As the gossip goes, the black cat has been scaring off monsters all over the place. I didn’t believe it at first, but I guess I have to now that I saw it. I just wish I knew what was really going on.

I still don’t like fishing.


Splash Gazimon

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