Dis One Time: My Kid Acted Like a Card Game Was A Book Report

So, last time I told you about David’s love-hate relationship with card games. He used to obsess over the stuff, but as he got older, he found it hard to find a balance between budgeting his money and building his card board collection. For the most part, he made the decision to not play card games anymore, and focus on hobbies that are easier on his wallet. I told you that in the last blog as a way to lay the ground work for this one. Ya see, the Kid is back on the card game train, only he’s not spending all his money this time. I almost wish he was though.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have to have heard about the new Digimon TCG. Even people who don’t know the difference between Agumon and Zanbamon could at least say they have heard of the new game. Needless to say, David has been closely monitoring the situation. When the game first came out, he kept telling me how important it was to grow the community. A new game means new fans, new fans means the fandom grows, a larger fandom gets more attention and more product. So, even if you don’t like the game at all, like myself, it’s still important. Or at least what David kept geeking out about.

When the cards came out in North America, David went berserk. He went as far as to buy two whole boxes of booster packs. To a hardcore card player, that may not seem like a lot. But to a guy who hasn’t bought cards in years, it was a huge investment. Since the best Digimon in the world, Gazimon, was a purple card, David decided to “just” build a purple deck. The problem with that was the word “Just”. I was a little upset to see the Kid quickly fall back into his old habits. Late nights researching how many Trump Swords to use in his Impmon deck was one thing, but when the dude ended spending all my pizza money on some stupid Beelzemon cards, I nearly flipped a table. To make matters worse, at this point in the Digimon TCG time line, North America was facing a card shortage. Most stores didn’t have any in stock, and those that did have some overcharged. The game became a money sinkhole I was not about to let my Kid fall back into. After some, let’s call it “tough love”, the Kid and I decided that this wasn’t a good time to get involved in another card game. David decided to just collect the cards that feature Digimon that appear in the Version 5 V-Pet. That was some sound logic; it is the best version after all.

Recently, it seems the Digimon TCG has gotten to a point when the supply issue has improved. David and I talked, and he really wants to give the game a second chance. I figure it would be okay, just as long as I still get my pizza and soda money. David developed a new idea. Rather than focusing on a color, he wants to build a deck focused on Gazimon and our evolutions. Once again, that seems like some sound logic. To the Kid’s credit, he has actually been able to keep it under a decent budget, too! The problem is he’s been researching the digi-sludge out of things.

“Hey, Grizzly. is the cannon on Gigadramon the same as the one on Megadramon? Do you know if the Trident Arm from a Virus MetalGreymon any different than the Vaccine one? Do you think the Hagurumon Corps from our Xros Wars days would mind helping you Digivolve into Machinedramon? It’s been a while since we saw them but I am sure they would. I think Cyclonemon would work as your Champion form, how about you?”

“Kid….It’s cards. They aren’t real Digimon.”

“Well, yea, but if I am going to build a deck that focuses on a single concept, I want it to be accurate. Otherwise I may as well toss a bunch of Omimon in there.”

Yeesh. I can’t win with this guy.


David’s Current Deck Build

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