Dis One Time: It Was Odaiba Day!

Odaiba Day seems to be a pretty big day for David and his fellow Digidestined. One might think it’s a pretty big holiday for us Partner Digimon, too, right? Here’s the thing. As a Digimon growing up in the Tropical Jungle, I had no Idea what the heck Odaiba Day even was until I met the Kid.

The second summer I spent with the Kid, he wished me a happy Odaiba Day with a huge smile. I was completely confused, and asked him what that was. Like some dorky little professor, he explained it to me. Odaiba Day, or August 1st, is the Day the Chosen Children of the Adventure Universe first traveled to their Digital World. Tai and his team are so well known across the multiverse that it became an Holiday in our Universe.

At the time, I was still learning about humans and their customs. I have celebrated some other holidays with David before, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. We even got to pass out candy on Halloween and everyone thought I was a kid in a costume! I was super excited to learn about what you do on an Odaiba Day. Do we get presents? Or eat lots of turkey? Or dress up and wander around the city asking for candy? Nope. Odaiba Day is a day to look back on your adventures and celebrate the friends you made along the way. That sounded super fun to a young Grizzly. Way better than new toys and free junk food. Incase you couldn’t tell; I was being sarcastic. (Well, duh….)

David snuck me in his backpack, and we headed down to the park. When the coast was clear, he unpacked me and revealed that he set up a picnic! Well, not a traditional picnic. It was pizza and soda, the best kind of picnic! As I inhaled a slice, I looked around and realized that this was the same playground the Kid spent the previous summer battling on his V-Pet.

“You know, Grizzly. We used to have lots of tournaments here. I raised a lot of different Digimon and many of them went back to the Megalithic Mainframe after winning here. It always made me sad. I was glad they got to go home, but I always wished they could stay with me.” He looked over at me and smiled.

“Can you pass the soda?” I scarfed.

“Not to far from here is where Magna gave me your V-Pet!” David chuckled. “I didn’t even call him Magna back then. He was just some crazy Wizardmon with some magic toy. Boy, that seems like a life time ago!”

I reached over and grabbed another slice. “You going to eat this piece?”

“At the other end of the park is where you became a DarkTyrannomon! I was so scared back then, but deep down I knew you wouldn’t hurt me.” He stopped talking and started eating his pizza.

“Hey, Kid?” I grunted between slices. “I’m glad I met you too.”

Happy Odaiba Day, Everyone!


1 thought on “Dis One Time: It Was Odaiba Day!

  1. This was so incredibly sweet to read. You two have a wonderful dynamic, and I’m glad you had the chance to meet.

    Liked by 1 person

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