Dis One Time: I didn’t get to Chou Shinka!

Ya’ll remembers when David first got his Digivice V? Remember how it had some kind of crazy effect on me, giving me messed up dreams about Digimon I’ve never seen before. They were like a memory of an event that never happened. As time went on, the sea monster Digimon turned out to be Splash Gazimon, the creepy ghost turned out to Snow Gazimon, and the rusty robot turned out to be Steam Gazimon. All that was left was that huge Digimon with the ship on his back. Surely that’s the Perfect level, right?

Your guess is as good as mine. The Kid and I got our Digivice V almost a year ago now, and so far, we have only been able to Digivolve into the Champion level. And I haven’t had any new dreams in months! I’m starting to get a little bummed out that all the Ghost Game children got their Digimon to the Perfect stage, and I’m still sitting here with a Champion level cap. What’s the hold up?!

David says we need to be patient. We are visitors in the Ghost Game Dimension, and the Digivice V probably doesn’t have the same effect on us. It could take us much longer to gain access to a Perfect evolution. Besides, we don’t know the dreams are actually my evolutions. Sure, my main three were, but I never dreamed about Neon Gazimon. Maybe this “Ship Digimon” is my perfect. Or maybe it’s my Mega. Does the Digivice V even have the power to get us to the Mega Level? And what if this “Ship Digimon” isn’t even an evolution of mine. What if it’s a Digimon I have to fight one day? The truth is we don’t know anything for sure. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy for the Kid. He can be patient as much as he wants. Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to unravel this mystery FOREVER. There’s only so long a mystery can remain a mystery. I will find the truth. I will figure out what the last dream means. One way or the other.

I dunno, everyone. I guess I wanted to vent a little bit. I really wanna get this figured out. And don’t worry! David may be taking the “let’s be patient” route, but have no fear! Grizzly is still on the case. This ship Digimon will be discovered. I promise you.


Just who is this guy?

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