Case File 001: Moonlight Unimon

A few weeks back, the Kid and I moved into a new neighborhood. Not long after that, we wrapped up our adventures hunting down Hologram Ghosts. I was ready for some nice relaxation for once. I was just about to kick back in my recliner with an ice-cold soda and a piping hot slice of pizza when the Kid burst through the door, putting an end to my peace.

“Grizzly, look at this!” He said, showing me his phone.

I didn’t even look at the screen. “Kid, I don’t care how many likes your last picture of some Digimon picking his nose or whatever else meme you posted. I’m about to visit pepperoni town.”

He waved the phone obnoxiously in my face until I finally looked. It was a picture of the park up the road from our new place. In the foreground was a horse with a horned helmet and ragged wings. I knew it instantly as a Unimon, but there was something different about it. It was completely monotone and somewhat translucent. A Hologram Ghost, again? No… it was similar but not quite the same. I’ll admit, it was interesting, but not “stop-eating-your-pizza” interesting. I took a bite and shrugged.

“Would you pay attention?! There is a Digimon on the loose! We gotta go do something about it!” The Kid whined.

He stumbled to the corner and reached under his bed. He pulled out the safe box he keeps our Digivices in and took out the Digivice VV. All the worry lines scrunched up on his face. He pressed the buttons and started shaking his head.

“The Digivice VV isn’t working. It won’t even turn on…. Is that thing not a Hologram Ghost?”

Ya see. the problem with our Digivices is we can only use them when we are in their home world or if there is a rift or portal some other spatial distortion. Well, except for our V-Pet. We can use that one anywhere. But yea, since this thing looked like a Hologram Ghost, the Digivice VV should have been active. It wasn’t. I scarfed my pizza and angrily chugged my soda. “Whatever, Kid. Just grab the V-Pet incase anything gets hairy. But I mean, it’s only a Unimon. I don’t think I’ll need to Digivolve to handle it. Let’s just go get this over with before the rest of my pizza gets cold.”

We made it about halfway there before bumping into the stray Unimon. He apparently left the park and was currently galloping around a parking lot outside of the local convince store. I was completely unimpressed as I walked towards him. He locked at me, stopped moving, got all tough guy, and glared at me.

“Hey! I’m Grizzly. This is my human, David. You lost or something? Ya know, I was a Unimon once.” I walked closer to the horse, who only snorted at me. ” So, listen, did you come here through a portal or something? from the Ghost Game universe? I can help you get back.”

That’s as far as I got before the weirdo jerked his head up and shot concentrated air at me. I dodged in time. It started running at me, horn down, and tried to turn me into a Gazimon flavored Kabob. A fight ensued. I don’t know exactly who threw what punch. It’s hard for me to keep track of that kind of thing in the heat of the moment. I do know I ended up landing a Stun Blast right to the forehead, and he burst into a bunch of lights and kind of….dimmed…out of existence.

“What….was that? It didn’t feel right. Like, it was there but….distracted? It looked like a lot of those attacks were out of confusion….” David’s worry lines showed back up on his head.

“You tryna say it was holding back? Please. I beat him fair and square.” I chuckled.

I joke, but I’ll admit that was weird. I’ve beat Hologram Ghost and I beat regular Digimon. Whatever that was, it was something else entirely. And I don’t think I destroyed it, either. It can usually feel a release of energy when that happens. This was something else altogether. Looks like we have a mystery on our hands.

I swear, I have seen something like this before. The monotone, see-through Digimon thing. I just can’t put my finger on it.

Strange Unimon appearance in the park

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