Case File 002: A Spooky Cat and Some Sludge

I didn’t really give much thought to that wired Unimon we saw last week.  The Kid and I have been to over 10 different Digital Worlds, and if there is one thing I learned, it’s that weird stuff happens all the time with Digimon.  Half the time you don’t get a satisfying answer, either.   So, I just kinda chalked it up to “Digimon be like that sometime.” 

You know what they say, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.    

Well, the Kid got a video sent to him from his friend Azure.   Turns out she encountered a see-through Gatomon.   So, I got to thinking something may actually be developing here.  And of course, it turns out I was right. 

I get a call from the Kid at like 5 in the afternoon.  He was at work, and there was a Sukamon just flinging Digisludge at people in the basement of the hospital.    None of his coworker saw the yellow slime ball, though.  They all though it was some kind of leaky pipe or something.  For some reason, only David was able to see the real culprit.    I headed over there to see if I could lend the Kid a hand.   I was able to see the Digimon myself, but he looked off.  He was monotone like the other two, this time he was a translucent yellow.  I snuck around the comer and sprang at him.  It looked shocked to see me, but the next thing I know, it just up and disappeared.  It just kind of “pixelized” out of existence like the Unimon before it.  

So, here is what I am starting to piece together with these Digimon. 

The Digimon appear translucent and monotone in their primary color.  Sukamon was yellow, Unimon was white, etc.  

Only Digimon and their human partners can see them.   

They can have a small impact on the real world.  Unimon was able to push me back with its attack, and Sukamon got sludge on a few people.  They didn’t have big impacts, as Unimon didn’t damage any cars.

They seem to be only semi-aware of what is going on around them.  It’s kind of like sleep walking. 

If someone interacts with them enough, they just kinda of vanish.  

They don’t seem to be related to the Ghost Game universe, despite being similar to Hologram Ghost.  

Huh….. We’ll have to see where this goes…. 

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