Case File: 003 Oblivious Dinosaur

What’s scarier than a dinosaur tearing up the city?

Apparently, a Dinsoaur just looking off into space. It’s….unsettling….

There’s a construction area not too far from my house. I know I shouldn’t be playing around there, and David always yells at me when he finds out I sneak over. I mean, come on! There is so much stuff to get into! Climbing walls and running through pipes! It’s so much fun! I was doing some totally safe exercises, jumping from one pile of wood to another, when I noticed a red glow in a puddle of water. I turned to see where the reflection was coming from, and it was a freaking Tyrannomon! A massive, deadly Tyrannosaurus just appeared behind me. You’d think I would have noticed that….

I heard David calling for me, and he came running out from behind some concrete. “Grizzly! First of all, how many times do I have to tell you not to go running around here. It’s not a gym. Second…You see that Tyrannomon, right?”

He and I looked at the brute just, who kind of glared off into space.

I shot an attack towards him, which upset David. “Dude, what the heck? Are you trying to get him to attack?!”

“The heck is he doing?” I asked. “It looks like he is watching something. But he’s literally looking at a wall?”

The gaseous ball of my E-Stun Blast just fazed right through it. “I mean, I would like him to at least look at us? He’s creeping me out…”

We watched him watch nothing for a while. The people outside the construction site paid no attention to it at all. They just went along with their day like there wasn’t a man-eating monster just sitting there. Even the birds just flew right past it like it didn’t exist. It was surreal, man.

“I got an idea.” I started running towards the beast, a tingling sensation welling up inside me. “Gazimon Digivolve too… Dark Tyrannomon!”

I saw David pull his V-Pet from his pocket. I couldn’t hear him, but I just knew he was screaming at me, insisting I was making it worse. Way I figure it, things couldn’t get any worse than they already were. I used my massive claws to swipe at him, and finally the Tyrannomon turned his head, but not to attack. Not even as if he noticed me. More like a look you give when you’re watching a movie and you hear something. More of a ‘what was that’ than a response to an attack. After he looked past me in a confused look, he was gone. Just as strangely and as quickly as he came, he vanished.

Back on the ground as Gazimon, I saw David starting to knock over piles of wood. I was only in my Champion form for a minute, but David insisted someone could have saw me. I don’t know what the big deal was. The other guy was there for a good 15 minutes, and no one noticed. Either way, David called the number on the sign and told them some of the stuff had fallen over. No one was hurt. They sent a cleanup crew, and as far as anyone would know, there weren’t just two Dinosaurs trying to get each other’s attention. Just some wood that wasn’t properly tied down falling over.

After this week’s encounter, I don’t think I’m actually fighting these guys. I can’t explain it, but it’s almost as if they are doing their own thing. It seems like they aren’t even in our world at all, though I can clearly see them. I have no idea…

David’s furious at me. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go giant in the middle of the day. But like, it wasn’t as if I was dancing down main street. We were in the middle of a construction site and all the workers were gone for the day. Either way, he’s starting to get worried. He sent a message to Manga the Wizardmon. Normally we only get him involved when the issue is something we couldn’t handle. I think we could still investigate a little on our own, but I guess my little stunt pushed David over the edge. Who knows. Maybe our wise and knowledgeable mentor can help us shed some light on this. I just hope he doesn’t yell at me too.

Come on, ya’ll. I was totally creeped out. Cut me some slack.

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