Case File 004: The Chicken Crosses the Road

Aw, Spring. I learned a lot about the real world since I moved in the Kid. One thing that didn’t take me long to learn is that Spring Time means road work. Especially where David lives. The main street by our place is in shambles, and come night fall its more like a parking lot for heavy machines. I was taking a stroll with the Kid, partly to get some fresh are, and partly to talk about Manga. David sent him a message about our new ‘friends” and asked him for help. Manga promised to do some research in the library stored at the Megalithic Mainframe and get back to us in a few days.

It as a nice night at least. It reminded me of the times I would go for walk with the Kid and tell him about all the adventures I had in the digital world. We were having a nice time until one of those guys showed up.

Yep. Some weird, glitched out Kokatorimon dashed out from behind a some digger truck thing. I dunno what they are called.

“Okay, Kid. Last time I handled things, you got mad at me. What do we do now?” I asked.

The giant chicken squawked at my and stared me down. I took a step a little bit to the left to see if it was paying attention, and it followed me with its crazy looking eyes.

“Uh…..Grizzly? Is this one looking at you?” the Kid whisper.

Lunged towards the Kid, and I felt that familiar tingle rip through my body. With my massive Dark Tyranomon claws, i bashed the bird aside.

“Did….did I actually touch it this time? Will these things make up their minds?! Can I touch them are not? Can they see us or not? What the heck?!”

A short fight ensued. Very short. It tried to claw my eyes out, but I backhanded it into the truck thing. I made a crashing sound, burst into those pixels again. David pointed and gasped. The impact left a dent in the metal.

So, this is fun. Apparently now these things are starting to have a real impact on our world.

Okay, I’ll admit. Maybe we do need Manga’s help with this one….

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